About BRC

Biker Rain Chaps were created by long-term motorcyclist, Mitch Harris to fill a need.  

Whether it was raining or not, if the road was the slightest bit damp, his pants were soaked.  What was worse was that leathers would (sort of) keep his legs dry in mild conditions, but even the least bit of water caused his (expensive) leathers to stretch and crack and if, God forbid, he got caught in bad conditions, his leathers were nothing more than sponges, sucking up the water and soaking him to the bone none-the-less.

Frustrated and not interested in dragging out his full set of bulky and uncomfortable rain gear, he set off to create an easy-on, easy-off way to protect his legs.  

This is the simple problem which led to this great product and the genesis of Biker Rain Chaps brand.

Do they work?  They do for us and the thousands of other riders we've "chapped".  We hear consistently that Biker Rain Chaps keep the most exposed part of the body, the legs, dry when full rain gear isn't warranted, desired or available.

So, that leads us to now.  We chap a bunch of bikers, every day, through retail sales online and other catalog and store-based venues.  We love to hear from all of our fellow riders and stand behind our product 100%.  

If you have a story, testimonial, question or product issue, you can reach us at:

Biker Rain Chaps
24 North Fort Thomas, Box 47050
Fort Thomas, KY 41075
(800) 651-8737